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Our new, innovative solution that delivers more targeted, clean and efficient air freshening for small, personal spaces: myfresh offers more discreet targeting, providing superior efficiency and cleanliness. It freshens air in small spaces exactly when and where it’s needed, reducing fragrance overload, nasal fatigue, and aerosol residue. Clean floors and eliminating the need to handle dirty cans creates a better user experience.

Innovative Technology, Automatic Performance: Featuring hands-free motion-activation, myfresh releases just the right amount of fragrance from our proprietary dry fragrance inserts emitted by our small, high-velocity freshFan technology.

Great for any small space!

Designed specifically for small spaces,can myfresh freshen up any small space; every bathroom stall, urinal or sink area, as well as office & desk areas. Just placewithin 3 feet of the user’s upper body. myfresh should not be placed behind the user.

Small, Powerful & Efficient

myfresh motion sensor detects movement and triggers the small, high speed fan, which moves 5-10 times more air than typical dispensers, turning periodically for as long as the space is occupied. It’s unique design creates better experiences through superior efficiency & cleanliness.

Tech Specs

  • Hands-Free Motion-Activated: More hygienic - no need to touch the community aerosol can
  • Dry Fragrance: Cleaner - no wet residue to make the floors sticky
  • Charcoal Filters: Fresher experience
  • fanFresh Technology: High velocity fan moves light, pleasing fragrances throughout small spaces
  • Lock and Key Access: Deter theft
  • LCD Screen: Shows “REPLACE” when it’s time to replace the refill and battery
  • Two Frequency Settings: “Hi” and “Lo” settings allow adjustment of fan activation frequency
  • Personal 3” x 3” Size: At the source freshening that won’t overwhelm the whole room
  • One AA Battery Required: Versus other products using 3 AA batteries (refills include new battery)

Pair myfresh fragrance with existing fragrances

Fragrance Pair with
Alpine Forest Cotton Blossom, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea
Coconut Vanilla Mango, Spiced Apple, Fabulous
Seaside Breeze Cucumber Melon, Coastal, Honeysuckle
Tea Lily Citrus, Kiwi Grapefruit, Mango

Available SKUs  
MYCAB-F-000I006M Dispenser
MYF-COLLECTION (6 disp/12 refills)
MYF-F-006I036M-89 Alpine Forest
MYF-F-006I036M-72 Coconut Vanilla
MYF-F-006I036M-54 Seaside Breeze
MYF-F-006I036M-78 Tea Lily

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