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Unprotected drain's only defense is water, as Coronavirus reduces occupancy this water barrier evaporates. Allowing dangerous Pathogens, Pests, and Toxic Gasses to infiltrate and spread. Making it more important than ever to be proactive in drain protection. 

The Green Drain is a HACCP Certified solution that stops the spread before it can start by placing a durable barrier between you and the sewer. Proven to protect against all pathogens, harmful gases, sewer odors, minor backflow and pests. 

The Unique Threat Drains Create 

When Drains are unprotected pathogens washed down one sink can travel through the facility in aerosol or droplet form, resurfacing in shower drains, floor drains and sinks potentially infecting others. These same drains have been found to be a source of multi-resistant bacteria that makes traditional removal powerless and leaves facilities more vulnerable than ever. 

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What Are Your Drains Letting In 

• Pests that infect food supplies, guest rooms, dining areas, and common areas with bacteria 

• Pathogens that spread aerosol, foodborne and waterborne diseases 

• Sewage Odors and Backflow that affects your reputation and supplies 

• Toxic Gasses that put the health guest and staff at risks 

• Hygiene and Sanitation Risks costing detrimental monetary and reputation loss 

The Green Drain Advantage: 

• Proactive protection from all Sewer Contaminants 

• Allows Installment or Removal by anyone in seconds 

• Boosts Hotel Sustoinability by requires Zero water or chemicals 

• Maintenance-Free 

• Saves you from unneeded expenses 

• Elevates Sanitation as a HACCP certified product 

• Eliminates vulnerabifity from water evaporation 

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