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Replacing bunchy rubber backed carpeted mats pays off. Grippy Floor Mat can help cut trip, slip and fall accidents by up to 90% when used as part of your floor safety program!

Super-thin, tough and absorbent Grippy Floor Mat — designed for anywhere people are walking and working.


Grippy Floor Mat is tested and certified by the National Floor

Safety Institute (NFSI) as a high traction surface, which can reduce slip and fall claims by as much as 90% when used as part of a Floor Safety Program

Available in 

Weight Cost Size Unit Abs. Up To
Medium $157.00 3'x50' 1 roll 4 gal./roll

$284.00 3'x100' 1 roll 8 gal./roll

$209.00 4'x50' 1 roll 5.2 gal./roll

$379.00 4'x100' 1 roll 10.4 gal./roll

$125.00 6'x10' 2 sheets per roll 3.5 gal./roll
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